Macke-up Studio

Teresa Macke-up Studio is a new program for enhancement of portraits and applying make-up right on images. Using this program you can easily remove small skin defects, create expressive look and even change the shape of facial features. Beauty Studio will make any image fit the cover of a glossy magazine!

Teresa Macke-up Studio has convenient interface and it is quite user-friendly. Just in few minutes it allows to both improve not quite good images and make good ones perfect. Clean and smooth skin, charming glance, elaborately applied make-up…and your images are irresistible!

Basic tools of the program:

  1. Expressive look. Allows applying lipstick, eye pencil, and eye shadow, sharpen eyes and even change eye colour.
  2. Clean skin. Includes opportunities to remove freckles and wrinkles, as well as to apply face powder and rouge. Using additional options you can lighten skin or make it look sun-tanned.
  3. Plastic surgery. Unique tool for changing shape and size of facial features. You can achieve great effects which will totally change any image. For example, you can change shape of the face, make eyes bigger, lips plumper, and eyebrows thinner.