change color & Icon of Folder

ColFolder provides users with a quick and streamlined method to change the  colour of their existing folder icons. Not only is this able to offer an extra sense of visual allure, but it can be very useful when categorising different folders based off of their contents.  As this is a freeware bundle, users are not required to pay a fee for a download.



Advantages that ColFolder offers us in Windows

With the passage of time, this is a program that has gained popularity , largely thanks to what it offers, and its simplicity. As you can imagine seeing its name, this is a solution that allows us to change the appearance of the folders.

Icon Changer Software

allows to change the color of Windows folder in one click! Go to our Tutorials page and see for
yourself how easy it is for anyone to change the folder color or icon just a few simple steps

Functions and Main Options ColFolder is highly precise in regards to the color options available. As opposed to choosing from a drop-down menu of preselected hues, the user can drag has or her mouse icon over a color palette. The tone will then be displayed within a preview box. It can be chosen and immediately implemented. There is also the possibility to choose high-contrast icons; a useful tool in the event that a certain folder needs to take precedence over the others.