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Icon extractor utility
Modify images with drop shadow, inner shadow, round corners, opacity, smooth, negative, grayscale, colorize, hue/saturation, rotate, roll and mirror effects Replace image colors
  • Create and manage icon libraries for better and more efficient storage
  • Paste images in various graphic formats (ICO, ICPR, ICNS, BMP, JPEG and PNG) directly into icons
  • Export icon images to ICO, ICPR, ICNS, BMP, JPEG and PNG files
  • Import and convert SVG, AI, PDF files (Installed Inkscape is required)
  • Extract icons from Windows executables, libraries and animated cursor files
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You can become an icon master with our easy-to-use icon converter.

Fleshing out your applications and projects with beautiful icons can be a simple and convenient task when you have the right tools. Our icon converter has been designed to allow users at all expertise levels (even total beginners) to create eye-catching icons that precisely meet the specifications they’re after. With just a few minutes, users can create great-looking icons and other small graphics based on existing images or icons imported from another platform, such as Mac.

If you’ve ever wanted to create icons from pictures and graphics already in your library or easily exchange icons between operating systems, our icon converter is the right utility for your projects. It’s simple to make brand-new icons from photos, so you can move from idea to finished product quickly and with a minimum of design experience. With plenty of options available for configuring icon size, transparency, and color settings, you can achieve the right specifications regardless of how and where you’d like to use your icons.

Work with a wizard program that understands your need for an efficient way to convert files to usable icons. Our converter has everything you’ll need to make an attractive piece or a full collection of icons, styled and refined in any way you choose. With the right icons available whenever you need them, you can bring a world of great design to your projects and add value to your visual work almost effortlessly.