UML Diagrammer

Within this help system you will find techniques for developing and maintaining Unified Modeling Language diagrams using the features, templates, and symbols contained in the software. It will assume a basic understanding of the product and its diagramming features and terminology which can be found in the main help system and the User Guide.
The software is based on UML 2.0 as defined by OMG and published in the official specification, and taking into account some of the more popular industry references. The notation we use for cross referencing the contributing reference publications is noted in Symbols and Conventions. Where conflicts, discrepancies, or voids are apparent, we do our best to combine sources and weigh popular acceptance and usefulness in determining how to support the notation and terminology. The dynamic nature of UML and the abundance of tools and publications trying independently to pin it down, results in constantly changing requirements. Consider this guide to be advisory and certainly not authoritative in regard to the language notation. If any of the notation described becomes obsolete or falls in disfavour with the industry, you can use the more generic capabilities of the software to adapt.