GUI Creator

Teresa GUI Creator Studio is a professional tool created specifically for designing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for application software and web sites.

It is purely a design and prototyping tool and requires no software development or coding. Everything is created graphically on screen. You can design entire applications and web sites or individual windows, dialogs, pages and component parts.

Combine them to create further designs and representative screenshots or link them together as a storyboard and run them as interactive prototypes.

Teresa GUI Creator Studio will compliment any software development environment that targets the Microsoft Windows platform or the Web. This means that you are free to design first and then choose your implementation tool later. By separating the two you can quickly focus on application design without getting distracted by implementation detail.

Teresa GUI Creator Studio can be used whenever you need to draw what an application or web site should look like or show how its parts connect and flow together such as:


·designing entire applications or web sites

·documenting product ideas

·creating project proposals

·requirements capture

·creating screen mock-ups

·producing detailed specifications for developers

·annotating usability issues with existing products

·suggesting enhancements to existing products

·temporary screenshots for user manual creation

·+ many more uses