create infinite tExtures

Teresasoft soon present SW “POSING FORCE”, a powerful and user-friendly tool that will enable you to create graphics pattern and image libraries . “POSING FORCE” intended to be used by all levels of web designers; beginners, intermediates and also professionals. Its easy-to-use interface, Pattern library creation option, and high compression rate make “POSING FORCE” an indispensable tool for Graphics designers. Danish wishes you to enjoy his product, it is full of animation and advance GUI..

    • The first screen which appears is the splash screen.
    • Shows information about the programmer. 
    • Splash screen occupies the user’s attention while startup routines are executing, giving the illusion that the application is loading faster.
    • When the user click on the flash screen a drop down window will Appear ,which give important information about the project.
Texture Creator :The Creator is a tool with various patterns. This is a pattern creation and painting tool.
    • Then screen which appears is the Welcome screen.
    • Shows information about the programs and copyrights.
    • When the startup routines are completed, the main menu is loaded and then the Welcome screen is unload.


    • The POSING FORCE title is also animating with a war back ground.
    • Texture Creator :The Creator is a tool with various patterns. This is a pattern creation and painting tool..

Textures created by "POSING FORCE"

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Tutorial &Screenshot of Posing force

Colors Overview : “POSING FORCE” provides a comprehensive color system so you can alter the colors of texture directly or create your own colors, with names, which you can apply to multiple designs. You can also create connected colors. Connected colors are based on other colors so when the base color changes, the connected color also changes. It is very easy to create a drawing containing many shades of a color and with one alteration, change the color of the whole picture. The named colors in a document are displayed on the Color Line and also in the Color Gallery. You can apply colors using the texture Gallery you can easily create, delete and change textures.