If you are looking for a way to keep your little one engaged in a fun yet stimulating activity, then your search ends here. Double your fun with this brilliant puzzle and game set from Think tank Games. The Think Tank Games Kaleidoscope set can be used as both a puzzle set as well as a game. In puzzle mode, your child can shake the 18 coloured pieces from the board and set about trying to replace them in the board. However, each piece has a different shape, so this puzzle will surely aid in the development of your little one’s logical and spatial reasoning abilities as well as their hand-eye coordination skills.

In game mode, 2 players can compete against one another, tactically placing the pieces they have selected on the numbered game board to beat the opponent’s score. Once the board has been filled, the player with the highest score wins. This game is a great way to improve arithmetic skills, as well as spatial relations in your children, and a great way to keep them occupied for hours on end. Ideal for boys and girls who are aged 8 years and above, this game can also be played by adults as a great way to keep the mind sharp. Outwit the board or the player you are playing against in this one-of-a-kind puzzle game from Think Tank.