Virtual Band 2000

With the virtual drum set you can live the experience of a live performance, on the big stage of a rock concert.

A live concert is the most thrilling time for every musician; to get to play in front of a big audience any drummer spends much time practicing his instrument and rehearsing with his band. The powerful sound of live drums, the big concert space and the contact with the audience make every concert a special experience, every time. Start right now your live performance with the live drums version of virtual drum set, the fans are waiting for you!
You can play the live virtual drums in real time, by touching the screen or with your PC keyboard, playing the keys corrisponding to drums, cymbals and pedals.

Click the “Keys” button for visualizing and setting the correspondence between the keys and the elements of the virtual drum set. You can customize the keys to match the drum set elements by clicking the “keys” button from the menu. Virtual drums sounds and drum games settings are different for each drum set.