Sports games nowadays all have one common theme – they try to emulate reality far too closely and seem to be afraid to try a more arcadey style. There aren’t that many arcade games where you’re flying cross court to slam dunk the opponent or utilizing super powers to smack a tennis ball right in their face. Flash games still stay in the arcade era, though, because they’re so simple that they have to rely on gameplay. Yeti Sports is one of the main examples. Let’s look at the first game, Yeti Sports 3: Seal Bounce.

Just like the other games in the series, it has a very unique look. While it’s a flash game, it has a pseudo-3D look to it, letting it stand apart from most Flash games.

The gameplay is also, like the other games, incredibly simple. You grab a penguin out of the the water and start windwheeling your arms. You have to click at the right time to throw the penguin as high as possible. There’s actually a bit more depth here than the other games in the series, as if you bounce off the seals on the side, you can get some extra heights.

While it’s slightly deeper, it’s still not the Mozart of gaming. If you’re looking to just have some fun, then Yeti Sports 3: Seal Bounce is fine.