Nintendo’s rejection of gay relationships gives fans a lot to be angry about

November 14, 2016| Teresasoft

Nintendo of America will not allow gay relationships in Tomodachi Life, and their logic for doing so just doesn’t add up
Nintendo Tomodachi Life
Tomodachi Life, a life simulator game, does not allow gay relationships between characters. Photograph: AP Photograph: AP
Yannick LeJacq
Thu 8 May 2014 15.47 BST

Last modified on Thu 16 Apr 2020 14.34 BST

Nintendo often seems like the rarest kind of corporate entity: one that only inspires feelings of goodwill from its customers both past and present. Even as the company continues to flounder in its current state of financial insecurity, much of the criticism from fans, detractors and industry analysts is delivered as if from a concerned friend, rather than a dispassionate onlooker.

That changed on Wednesday, when Nintendo of America (NOA) responded to a social media campaign asking the company to allow players to enter into gay relationships in its game Tomodachi Life with a flat denial issued to the Associated Press.

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